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"I want to know how your soul reacts to a sunrise or a sunset."

- [T.B. LaBerge] (via everlytrue)

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"For me, reading is so much more. Books teach you how other people think, and what they’re feeling, and how they change from ordinary beings to extraordinary ones. Often they are so appealing and intelligent, you’d rather spend time reading about them than doing anything else."

- Jennifer Kaufman (via observando)

"I am a very introverted person who enjoys spending time alone, but l do occasionally like to pop out of my bubble and meet other people. When l connect with people, l connect very deeply. I’m not very surface, l can’t cold talk. I always get straight to the core: l want to know what their biggest defeat is or such like."

- Lykke Li (via nyu-tah)

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"I started making plans, thinking we would get that far."

- Daniel Handler, Why We Broke Up
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BEYONCÉX10 - Partition

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Every relationship you have teaches you in a different way. There’s a negative connotation to letting someone else change you.. but with the right people it’s vital. People can bring out new sides of you you’d usually never explore on your own. Opening you up to a whole new thing to experience.

It’s not about losing yourself, it’s about opening up/finding new parts of yourself. It’s shaping you. It’s growth.